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CBG and CBD oil – Are they the same?

Despite the popularity of CBD and CBG oil, there are still many questions about these products. Often there is so much confusion about the two products that they are thought to be the same, when they are not. It is undeniable that they are both extremely beneficial and provide significant support to the body to protect against disease and alleviate various ailments. In order to consciously use it to support your various health problems or your body, you should be aware of the differences and similarities between the two.

CBG and CBD similarities

The main commonality between CBG and CBD oil is that they are both derived from the cannabis plant. This fact is a source of confusion for many people, but there is no need to worry because CBG oil, as well as CBD-containing preparations, are completely safe to use as they are free of THC, the tetrahydrocannabinol responsible for the stupor and the so-called high. Both are really beneficial for the body and are becoming increasingly popular.

Differences between CBG and CBD

CBG is found in much smaller amounts in cannabis plants than CBD, with the former only 1% and the latter around 20-25%. Much more research is needed on CBG oil, where there are many gaps. In the case of CBD oil, on the other hand, a great deal of research has been and is still being carried out. CBG is mainly extracted from young cannabis plants because it is found in higher quantities in them. The mature plants contain very little CBG, but more CBD and THC. CBG is much more difficult to extract than CBD and is therefore more abundant and available at a much lower price.

If you want to try an alternative medicine, perhaps open to products made from plant extracts with natural ingredients, you may want to give CBG or CBD oil a try. Order products only from a trusted online store with a good price-performance ratio, or visit usamedicalshop.com for more information!